Joan D'Aquitaine

She moves with the grace of a feline predator, cold and calculating, she is noble in every sense of the word, no matter what she is wearing you know that the Will of God comes first in this zealot's life.


Not much is known about Joan, some suspect things, but no one truly knows about her. There are rumors, as there always are. Some say she’s a paladin, some will say she’s worse, some say she’s a pet. Regardless of what is said, there are things that people cannot deny about her, first, is that she is cagey, and more importantly smart, but what precisely she does within the Sanctified is something few know about, and even fewer wish to ever find out.
Some say she’s a Daeva (acknowledged), others say she’s a Ventrue (valued and good breeding 2). Covenant wise there is no question she is fully Sanctified (valued), and while she has ties within the Carthian Movement (acknowledged), even they dare to not question where her loyalties lie in regards to God. She is the epitome of polite, if she is scolding you, it is generally with a smile on her face and a civil demeanor. She comports herself in public with grace and charm and is never seen to loose her cool in situations even when she’s disciplining her childer.

She’s usually seen with books and constantly reading something of importance to her, be it the Testament, the Bible or even simply the Art of War, every moment possible she studies to better herself to do God’s will. Be it addressing the Sanctified, or others, she chooses her words with wisdom and grace, encouraging others to rise up to serve God.

She is patient, waiting until it is the right moment to strike knowing God will tell her. Because of this, she has taken up the motto of “Deus vult” – God wills it.

Joan D'Aquitaine

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