Charlottetown, PEI Requiem History

’’’The following is from [ Shadows Over Canada] edited by Richard Birt.‘’’

Separated from the other two Maritime Provinces by the Strait of Northumberland, which only recently has been bridged, Prince Edward Island is Canada‘s smallest Province by population and area. Unlike the rest of the Maritimes, the Island is very fertile, supporting an agricultural economy, and its fair share of fisheries. The Mi‘kmaq are the only first nation on Prince Edward Island. PEI is entirely developed into a few urban areas surrounded by pastoral rural landscape predominantly farmland. Unlike every other province, timber is not an industry here. The province is quite famous for this environment and laid back attitude. Tourism has become a major industry, and has been since it was popularized by L.M. Montgomery‘s ―Anne of Green Gables series of children‘s books.

The island was settled by the French in 1713, but their decedents the Acadians were deported by the English after it began setting up its own colonies and the island has been considered English since 1769. It has a history as the birthplace of Canadian Confederation (through the Charlottetown conference), but didn’t join the rest of Canada until three years after confederation, when building the local railway bankrupted the colonial government. Its admission to Canada included the guarantee that the federal government would run ferries to the island, give the province its share of the fisheries, and keep its independence as a province. All these historic quirks have survived. In 1997 the Confederation Bridge created a fixed link between the Island and New Brunswick.

The Court of Prince Edward Island is centered in Charlottetown, although the small size of the province has allowed it’s Kindred population to spread their reach across the island. The Kindred court there has a reputation for being both violent and ruthless, and somewhat charming. Some of their court’s somewhat unorthodox habit of claiming the title of Regent or Prince of very small communities is often looked at by those off of the island with a raised eyebrow, but none are so impolite as to mention it to their faces.

Well that’s one way of looking at things. Let’s talk about another.

Shortly after the first French settlements were being set up Guy Miliue, an Invictus Ventrue, arrived on the island and settled in for what he believed to be a quiet existence, and given the scant population of the island he was right. Eventually as the population of the island grew and he found his existence staggeringly lonely he embraced the his first childe Sharon Buchannan.

As the years pasted the Kindred population of the island also continued to grow but only at a trickle. But as is the way of Vampires a Prince was eventually needed if for nothing else then its “tradition”. Guy Miliue was the obvious choice, he had more influence, childer and personal power. Given that the island now had a prince proclamations of the years soon followed.

’’’March 4th 1843:‘’’
“It is the duty of every vampire of this city, this island who wishes to remain a part of it to scour the city, the island for those vampires who are not a part of it. All residence are here forth tasked with the office, the responsibility to safe guard this, our home. Seek out that which in dangers us, all of us, and report it immediately. We are not merely residence, neighbors; we are each other’s watchful guardians.

’’’March 19th 1864:‘’’
The prince proclaimed that all kindred on the island are to stay away from the mortal politicians during the “Charlottetown Conference”. “Leave them alone, I’m not sure what will come of their discussions, maybe something horrific, maybe something interesting.”

’’’June 10th 1923:‘’’
The prince proclaimed: “No more children. No more children embraced without my sole permission. Don’t do it, don’t skirt it, skip it or bend your way past it. Ask me nicely; show some respect for my Princeship of this domain… Please”

Within the following months three unclaimed vampires were staked out in the sun.

’’’August 17th 1965:‘’’
The prince proclaimed: “I would warn you not to go into the village of Murray Harbour. I say this not as a threat, merely as good advice. The village will not let you live if you go there. To do so is your final act. I will order no watch on the village; I will not use it as a means to an end. You’ve received your only words on that… place; I will speak no more of it.”

The following month nine of the islands vampires, singular and in coteries chose to ignore the Prince’s words and were not seen again.

’’’January 5th 1991:‘’’
The prince proclaimed: “Everyone was to believe that the mortal policing forces of the island were fully aware that vampires existed and behave accordingly. Stay the hell away from the cops.”

’’’January 9th 1991:‘’’
The prince “asked” all members of the Ordo Dracul to leave the island. No explanation has been given.

’’’January 9th 1992:‘’’
The prince has allowed any member of the Ordo Dracul to return to the island.

The city of Charlottetown was incorporated 1885 out of it previous Manciple status and would continue to grow into the largest city on the island. Unlike most Vampiric territories Prince Miliue claimed not just the city but the whole of the island. (The Northern Winds domain with the blessing of Canada’s national staff has the whole of Prince Edward Island as its domain.)

In 2004 Guy realized that age was catching up with him to the point that he could no longer pretend that Topor was not just around the corner. Not wanting to place the island into random hands a plan was set in motion to select the next Prince, as a final smile Guy chose to run the plan as a game, The Game of Royals.

Prince Edward Island was divided into 5 ‘domains’ including Charlottetown.

  • The Eastern Territories were turned over to Hector, a Ventrue of the Ordo Dracul.
  • The Northern Territories were granted to Jethro, an independent Gangrel.
  • The Eastern Territories were deeded to Julius Maltuzi, a Nosferatu Invictus.
  • The second largest urban area, the town of Summerside was named the Central Territories and gifted to Isabeaux Domanique Alexandre, a Meket Carthian (Later she changed her allegiances becoming Lancea Sanctum
  • Last the city of Charlottetown was turned over to Thomas Adler, a Meket, Circle of the Crone who was not in the running for the Principality but instead held the city in trust and acted along side the former Sheriff Ashleigh Flemming as the judges of the game.

The players set in place the Prince took one last walk around his city and then retired to Torpor.

Currently Melieu is rumored to have met his final death as well as his sheriff Ashleigh. The control of Charlottetown has changed hands no less than three times in the last year, all other vampires trying to hold it have met their final death. Prince Alexandre is the current prince of Charlottetown. The two of the three other “royals” still control domains, the third meeting final death after claiming praxis of Charlottetown. The domain on the Western part of the island as well as Summerside are currently unclaimed.

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Charlottetown, PEI Requiem History

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