Joan D'Aquitaine

Kindred Information

Bloodline: Unknown

Titles: Sister Joan D’Aquitaine; D’Aquitaine the Younger; Crusader D’Aquitaine, Harpy D’Aquitaine; Prince D’Aquitaine


Depending on who you ask, you may get that Joan is the

  • Childe of Donovan Savage
  • Childe of Edward “The Butcher” Savage
  • Childe of Edward Cornell

Then again Jamari D`Aquitaine also could be her sire.

Some say she’s a Daeva, others say she’s Ventrue, it doesn’t seem like anything is clear on this.

Known Childer

*Brad Maxwell
* Shadan – Adopted
*Patricia – Adopted
*Jason Scott
*Cynthia Thorne
*Sean Fitzsimmons

Coteries and Factions

* Galerie de La Nuit
* Coy Dogs
* [[RBDNG2#Emily.E2.80.99s_Entourage | Emily’s Entourage]]
* Knights of Saint Daniel

Sound Track

The music that inspires and compels her

* Breaking Benjamin – Dance With The Devil
* The Cruxshadows – Immortal
* Poets of the Fall – Seek You Out
* The Calling – For You
* Disturbed – Prayer
* Avenged Sevenfold – Unholy Confessions
* System of a Down-Soldier Side
* Evanescence-Bring Me To Life
* Avenged Sevenfold – Warmness On The Soul
* Leonard Cohen – Joan Of Arc
* The White Stripes – “Seven Nation Army” – Joan of Arc
* Gregorian – Join Me in Death
* Gregorian – Lady in Black
* Gregorian – Maid of Orleans
* Heather Dale – Joan
* Ensiferum – Eternal Wait

Quotes about Joan
* “I do rather hope she doesn’t insist her God Wills It around the wrong dirty heathen. Some of us get so damned tetchy.” – Julia Kincaid
* “I’m either going to have to anoint you or fuckin’ call you out publicly for being a superior predator with no fuckin’ balls, or fuckin’ find the right person to beat the shit out of you, since that’s the sort of advice I’d fuckin’ give. I don’t want to do any of these things.” – Cardinal Eddie Brewer
* “You are all I have had to eat tonight. And you are delicious.” – The Stalker
* “If she were to ever hear the following words from my mouth I think that perhaps she would think I am a different damned creature. While she may be the one who drives me nuts and goes forth to test my mental statue of sanity. I could not of asked for a finer student.” [[Sariel_St.James| Sariel St. James]]
* “I find her love of art and fierce love of her Covenant makes her someone I can respect and enjoy talking to. I even understand her but I hope to count her as ally and not enemy. She is a good woman.” – Lady Cathryn Smyrt
* “Add her to the list of beautiful Pierced who attempted to Sanctify me… and failed.” *Anderson Briggs
* “It is an interesting thing how we are two sides of the same coin: I am a reserved Invictus and she is a zealous Carthian, but we both serve our purpose within our church and God’s plan.” – Padre Javier Gonzalez
* “Is that THE Joan D’Acquitaine?! I hail from Chattanooga, Paladin-Prince Decatur’s domain! Greetings.” Barabbas at first meeting Joan in San Marcos
*This Damned is so close to greatness, it is only being held back by loyalty to the Curia". – Elias Fortescu
*"I know it’s Joan – she’s a special kind of crazy and no one can simply fake her type of crazy" [[Sariel_St.
James| Sariel St. James]]

Quotes of Joan’s

* “Deus vult!”
* “Why do you seem to think honor and manners seem to be hand in hand? Can one not be honorable, if one is lacking in manners?”
* “Mssr, it is an honest question, I have never met someone who does such, if it offends then we shall not play any more if that is your wish.”
* “Convertir ou mourir, Mssr, the choice is rather easy I would think, oui?” Said with a slight smile playing across her lips.
* “Je suis Joan D’Aquitaine, Crusader of the Lancea Sanctum, Wrapped in God’s most Holy Armor as well as Man’s armor, Sanctified Dauphine of Prince Edward’s Isle, Knight’s Templar. Je suis of Noble Blood, of a warrior lineage et trained in all marshal skills. Student of Dame La Gronge, in all things civil. I give you this one chance, Mssr. Recant vous words ou mourir, Mssr.”
* " Monsieur, je suis très flatté, mais il est vrai tout ce que vous pouvez faire est de s’émerveiller devant le travail à portée de main de Dieu sur moi. Je suis son Saint-Loup et ne appartiennent à sa dévotion et pas d’autres." (Translation: Sir, I am quite flattered, but admittedly all you may do is marvel at God’s handy work upon me. I am His Holy Wolf and do belong to His beck and call and no others.)
* Je ne jure d’obéir à la volonté de Dieu et de s’assurer qu’il est fait, et assurer la santé et le bien tarif de ceux autour de moi, tant que Deus vult. (Translation: I do hereby swear to obey God’s will and ensure that it is done, and will ensure the health and well fare of those around me, as long as God Wills it).
* “Joan, who’s currently holding your leash?” Cardinal Brewer, “My leash is held by the hand of God, as directed by the Curia.” Joan’s reply.
* “And ’lo I saw Longinus and he said, No one controls you, go forth and do your duty to God and kill those who are Heretics.”

Important people in Joan’s life
Love? Hate? Ancient Ally? New Rival? It doesn’t matter which.Feel free to add yourself if you are either, or anyone in between.

The Sanctified
Jamari D`Aquitaine – Mon Cardinal, the only one above her in mon life is God.
Eddie Brewer – Mon Cardinal, while profane, she is good to study under.
[[Sariel_St.James| Sariel St. James]] – Mon Reverend, he is second only to God in regards to trust and respect.
Radek Kosanc – Mon Bishop, he would give his life for moi just as I would give mon life for God. He is worthy of mon loyalty and respect.
Vigo Martigen – Bishop Martigen is wise and offers up much wisdom, if one listens to him.
Valmont Torve – Something in Joan has sparked the interest of the Grand Inquisitor, whether its good or bad he will not say, but he is drawn to her.
Malachi Decatur – Paladin Prince who has found Joan to be of great interest, often referring to her as “the General”.
Jane/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”> Mary Jane
Lucian Karkarov – They seem to have a relationship that is more than friends.

The Invictus
Herbert Eupraxus – Mon social/political teacher et mentor, Mon go-to guy for business questions.
Emily Eupraxus – Mon associate, she is invigorating and always is a challenge to keep up with.
Jacqueline Strout – Un superb Harpy, un who is worthy of respect et un who is valuable to her covenant, if only her faith in God was so unshakable.
Donovan Savage – Admirer, associate, ally, some say sire, he is quite admirable in his actions and devout in his faith.
Mr. Grey
Conchobar – is he her new Teddy Bear?

The Carthians
Genevieve la Gronge – Mentor et Au Pair
Jeremiah Dodson – Maker of the finest Lacrima anywhere, just don’t get into bets with him.
Vincenzio Corso (Eros) – The Poison Pen of Detroit has become Sanctified and enjoys discussing Scripture with Joan.

The Ordo Dracul

Dr. Issac Gomorrah – Ally, Associate, Teacher. There isn’t much that je would non do for him.
Puddle – Most competent Seneschal of Prince Edward Island. She is studious, devout et ensures that things run smoothly.
Nicholas D`Angelo – Scourge of Prince Edward Island, always working towards ensuring that the domain is safe and protected even with the number of visitors we frequently have.
Yamato – Ally and frequent visitor to Prince Edward Island. Yamato goes out of his way to ensure safety and works hand in hand with Red Lotus.

The Crones
The Stalker remains Joan’s very vicious hunting partner.

The Others
Kasmir has been seen by her side when she visits SE AZ.

Rumors, lies, and all the fun
Yea… you know how this section works…

* It is rumored that the Stalker insulted Joan saying she needs to work on her personal scent.
* Bishop Martigen has taken a curious interest in her and her new praxis. He seems to be proud of her actions.
* Apparently makes teddy bears of those she knows and admires.
* Personally decides who sits on the Curia, contrary to popular belief.
* The Stalker is rumored to have a crush on Joan, it’s said you rarely find one without the other.
* Is rumored to have embraced a serial killer, for no other reason then she wanted to.
* Is rumored to be able to destroy people, with a simple whisper.
* Is rumored to be converting a nornin to the Lancea.
* Is rumored to be ruthless when it comes to negotiations.
* Is rumored to have a soft spot in her for her childer, and adopted childer, as well as those whom they choose to be involved with.
* Is rumored to have lost her direction and is now considered a loose canon by some.

OOC Information
For other OOC information see Joan’s Journal at Joan’s Thoughts

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Joan D'Aquitaine

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